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Suicidal 1-Up Mushrooms stir the imagination

I only wrote a little more of Moya's Space Log today, but at least it's an improvement over how much I've been procrastinating! I'm up to 4,319 words now.

I don't have time to link to Part 3 from this entry and vice versa today. Hopefully I can tomorrow.

←Part 3 Part 4 (edited) & Part 5→

(as you can tell from the link saying "Part 4 (edited)", this whole part was edited later)

"But I don't have any extra lives, so shouldn't we change it to you or Enya?" I replied.

"Actually, you-a do have-a extra lives. Whenever I-a begin a quest-a like this, anyone-a travelling with me and I-a always start-a with five lives, so you-a and Luigi have five right-a now and Enya and I-a have six."

"Even though Enya and I came from a different universe?"

"Yep. And don't-a worry about how-a only you are-a represented on-a the flag; Luigi, Blue Toad, and Yellow Toad came with-a me on my-a last adventure, and no matter-a who touched-a the checkpoints, if we all-a died, we'd-a all be brought back to them."

So not only are Toads named after their species too, but also after the color of their spots? That sounds racist. I bet another color of Toads had their own Hitler or Ku Klux Klan at some point in history.

I have no idea how the details of checkpoint flags make sense, but it works for me. As we were talking, the Luma had moved a short distance to the right and stopped. "Follow me!" he called, looking impatient. Enya, Luigi, and I started to, while Mario went to the left to get a large coin with a question mark on it. As soon as he grabbed it, a line of flashing rainbow musical notes appeared out of nowhere, down part of the way the rest of us were headed, including over a short abyss. I heard a mysterious ticking noise begin as well. As all of us (except for the Luma) collected the notes, they played an ascending scale (regardless of the order we collected them in).

Collecting them all stopped the ticking and made four 1-Up Mushrooms appear out of nowhere. Once they landed, though, they all slid away from each other at exactly right angles, making tapping noises somehow. Only Luigi and I managed to catch any, because the other two committed suicide (strangely falling straight downward instead of into the black hole).

Come to think of it, can a 1-Up Mushroom eat another 1-Up Mushroom? And if so, if I then ate it, would I get one or two lives? Or one full life and a fraction of another, depending on how much the first 1-Up Mushroom to be eaten has digested? If two 1-Up Mushrooms touched, which one would eat the other? Or would they both eat each other, resulting in both of them losing a life while gaining a life, and thus them still having the same amounts of lives?

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