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"Have fun with your stupid sailing away!"

I take the SAT again tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll do better this time...

In other news, I'm still up to only 612 words in Moya's Space Log, and the Marios and Brennans haven't even made it to Sky Station Galaxy yet. There's no way I'll be able to complete this in time :( But at least I've finally started actually writing the story!

EDIT TO NEW READERS: This story makes more sense if you skip the unedited versions of parts that are edited later.

←Part 0 (unedited) Part 1 (edited) & Part 2 (unedited)→
Parts 0-9 combined and made much less cringeworthy in 2018 ⟹

Moya's Space Log
By: Matt Aaron aka Matt1993 aka MattWithPeanutButter
Super Mario/"Brennan Sstrs." (Enya and Moya) crossover story

For Jenn aka pathvain_aelien, who wishes that Mario games made sense ;)

Author's Notes: This story is an Alternate Universe that takes place during the events of Super Mario Galaxy 2 in the Mario world and on Moya's 58th birthday in the real world. As such, it contains certain differences: Enya and Moya join the adventure, Enya and Moya are part Yoshi in the Mario world (inspired by playing Enya's Afer Ventus backwards, which made one verse sound like "I ate the Goomba"), the events of SMG2 take place on Moya's birthday instead of the release date of SMG2, the details of Moya's birthday celebration are completely made up, Bowser kidnaps Nicky and Roma Ryan in addition to Princess Peach, etc.
I got this idea from receiving Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Moya's Two Horizons CD and realizing that it felt weird to mention Mario and Moya in the same sentence even though, due to my old webcomic PrtSc Land and my currently-down backwards music site Ours Will You 1-Up, this did not apply to Mario and Enya.

(an unedited part begins here)


Today sure has been a strange day.

I held a special dinner for my fifty-eighth birthday, to which I invited my entire family as well as Ross Cullum, Fionán and Éamonn deBarra, and Feargal Murray. Enya even brought Nicky and Roma Ryan along.

That might not sound very strange at first, but just as I was about to cut the cake, I was rudely interrupted by a noise that sounded kinda like someone going, "Uh-uh-uh." I turned to see who had said it, only to find out that what had "said" it was a green pipe that had somehow come out of the floor. Then this giant turtle/porcupine monster jumped out of it, landing with such force that the floor started to shake, causing us all to fall over! Everyone except Enya and I started running around screaming once they managed to get up. Enya and I watched in shock as the monster grabbed Roma and Nicky, causing everyone else to panic even more.

"BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!" the monster said. "Aren't they the cutest couple? Once I'm finished conquering the Mushroom Universe - and this one, too, now that I think about it - and Peach has finished baking me my galaxy-sized cake, I'm gonna force these two to write my empire's national anthem! HAHAHAHAHA!!"

"ENYA!!!" yelled Roma and Nicky.

Jumping back into the pipe, and turning to Enya and I, the monster added, "Have fun with your stupid sailing away!" The pipe started to go back into the floor, making the same strange sound. Fortunately, we still managed to get in just before it disappeared.

The pipe led to the field outside a white castle with a red roof and five towers. Above the doors was a stained-glass window depicting a woman with blonde hair wearing a crown and a pink dress. Around the castle, people with spotted mushroom-like heads were panicking the exact same way everyone at my dinner was. In front of the castle was the monster, who now had not only Nicky and Roma, but also the woman depicted in the window. I'm guessing that she is Peach. Looking up at the monster the same way Enya and I did earlier were two chubby men. One was wearing a red hat with an M on it, a red shirt, and blue overalls. The other was taller and thinner and wore a similar outfit, but with green instead of red, an L instead of an M, and darker blue overalls. Both had mustaches.

Tags: "moya's space log", alternate universe, backwards music, birthday, bowser, cake, cds, dinner, enya, feargal murray, fionán debarra, goomba, luigi, mario, moya, mushrooms, mustache, nanowrimo, nicky ryan, ours will you 1-up, pathvain_aelien, peach, prtsc land, roma ryan, ross cullum, sky station galaxy, super mario galaxy 2, toad, video games, warp pipes, word count, yoshi, éamonn debarra

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