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Press both A and B?

All I have so far of my NaNo novel are the title, author, author's notes, and things like that, and most of it is redundant because I already mentioned it two posts ago. That's only 188 words. At least I finally stopped procrastinating long enough to get this far :)

Part 0 (edited) & Part 1 (unedited)→
Parts 0-9 combined and made much less cringeworthy in 2018 ⟹

Moya's Space Log
By: matt1993 aka MattWithPeanutButter
Super Mario/"Brennan Sstrs." crossover novel

For pathvain_aelien, who wishes that Mario games made sense ;)

Author's Notes: This story is an Alternate Universe that takes place during the events of Super Mario Galaxy 2 in the Mario world and on Moya's 58th birthday in the real world. As such, it contains certain differences: Enya and Moya join the adventure, Enya and Moya are part Yoshi in the Mario world (inspired by playing Enya's Afer Ventus backwards, which made one verse sound like "I ate the Goomba"), the events of SMG2 take place on Moya's birthday instead of the release date of SMG2, the details of Moya's birthday celebration are completely made up, Bowser kidnaps Nicky and Roma Ryan in addition to Princess Peach, etc.
I got this idea from receiving Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Moya's Two Horizons CD and realizing that it felt weird to mention Mario and Moya in the same sentence even though, due to my old webcomic PrtSc Land and my currently-down backwards music site Ours Will You 1-Up, this did not apply to Mario and Enya.

Tags: "moya's space log", alternate universe, author's notes, backwards music, birthday, bowser, cds, crossovers, division by zero, enya, goomba, mario, matt with peanut butter, moya, nanowrimo, nicky ryan, ours will you 1-up, peach, prtsc land, roma ryan, super mario galaxy 2, word count, yoshi

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