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NaNoWriMo and funny picture

It's hard to believe, but I'm actually planning on participating in NaNoWriMo this year (albeit the Youth Writing Project version, where my word count will only be 25,000 words).

Remember back when I got Super Mario Galaxy 2 and a Moya CD for my birthday and commented on how it felt weird to mention Mario and Moya in the same *deep breath* sentence, this was not the case with Mario and Enya? That made me wonder what it would be like if Mario, Luigi, Enya, and Moya all worked together in Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Moya questioned Mario logic while Enya simply accepted it. pathvain_aelien was going to write me a drabble for my birthday, and I suggested this as an idea for it. However, since it would be difficult to write this as just a drabble, I eventually decided to write it on my own as a full-length story for NNWM (why is it NaNoWriMo when NNWM is even shorter?). I sure hope I can still sign up after October and that I'm allowed to add drawings later (I doubt I'll be able to make all of the drawings I want in 30 days).

Also, does anyone who's done NNWM know if I can post my story to my LJ? I'm pretty sure it's allowed, but I wanna make sure.

Now for the funny picture. In Government we had to look up things about elections in our state, such as the requirements for voting, etc. I found this funny picture on one of the pages that I found my information from:

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