Remember when 'hug' wasn't a cuss word? (matt1993) wrote,
Remember when 'hug' wasn't a cuss word?

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Since for this school year I have to keep a journal for English class and write an entry everyday, I haven't had much time to write in this journal. I'll catch up by posting some of the most interesting things I've heard about that I can think about off the top of my head. - A toaster that toasts an image of Jesus onto bread. :D - Seems that Hitler was actually racist against himself. - A baby...smoking? UNIVERSE gained 1 SIGN OF APOCALYPSE! - Bloodshot eyes automatically mean marijuana? UNIVERSE gained another SIGN OF APOCALYPSE! - I can kinda understand why he might argue with his bike, because my bike would never let me ride it ;)

Tags: apocalypse, babies, bikes, bread, class, drunkenness, english, hitler, jesus, jesus toaster, livejournal, marijuana, ominous signs, racism, school, smoking, the notebook, toasters, universe

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