A rejection-sensitivity-based lifeform (matt1993) wrote,
A rejection-sensitivity-based lifeform

Fitness for Nerds

kandigurl linked to this video on Facebook, and I found it worth showing here as well :) Hilarious!

In unrelated news, I finished my first essay of the school year! That is, unless you count pathvain_aelien looking over it in a bit.

Also, August 30 was the second anniversary of Ours Will You 1-Up, yet not only has it been down for two anniversaries in a row, but I kept forgetting to mention it until now. I gotta find a way to be more motivated to work on it...

Tags: 30, august, batman, bruce wayne, bullies, class, dogs, english, essays, exercise, facebook, fitness, forgetfulness, john green, kandigurl, konami code, mario, math, motivation, nerds, ours will you 1-up, pathvain_aelien, pi, school, spock, video games, youtube

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