A rejection-sensitivity-based lifeform (matt1993) wrote,
A rejection-sensitivity-based lifeform

Meme swindled from penelopexxx because I'm approximately as bored as her

A - Autism is annoying to have; I want mine cured
B - Backwards music fanatic
C - College is one year away and I definitely don't think I can make it
D - Distracted by my own thoughts
E - Enya is my ♯1 celebrity crush
F - Fourth dimension is interesting to think about
G - Graphemecolor synesthesia is awesome
H - Holy whole hand dealer, some of these are pretty hard to come up with!
I - Internet memes are usually annoying
J - Jesus freak
K - Ketchup-flavored potato chips? Strange, but tasty!
L - LiveJournal, where I find it much easier to make friends than in real life
M - Misunderstood a lot
N - Norris, Chuck jokes I only sometimes find funny
O - Olimar, push the slush! (I really can't think of anything other than a backwards Enya lyric for this one)
P - pathvain_aelien and ellaina02 are my sisters
Q - Q qq qqq qqqq qqqqqq qq qqq qqqqqqqq qqq qqqqq qqqqq qqq'q q qqqq qqqq qqqqqq qqqqqqqq qqqqqqqq qqqq qq...qqqq, qq qqq qqqqq qqqqqqqqq'q qqqqqqq (Unqensored version: Q is the only letter of the alphabet for which there isn't a word with sexual innuendo starting with it...well, it was until witchkatt's comment)
R - Random
S - Six sixty-six-related dreams are a bad sign...
T - Teenagers that think they're cool often aren't
U - Userpic limit is too small for all 71 (as of now) of the userpic ideas I came up with :(
V - Video gamer
W - Won't drink alcohol, do drugs, or smoke even when I'm old enough
X - Xtra sensitive sometimes
Y - Yellow is my favorite color, but I don't have a real reason why (maybe it's because my synesthetic color for the first letter of my name is yellow)
Z - Zzzzzzzz until noon most of the time, regardless of whether or not I wanna get up earlier (unless I have school)

Tags: "coolness", 666, alcohol, alphabet, annoying things, autism, backwards music, bored, celebrities, chuck norris, college, colors, crush, cure for autism, dreams, drugs, ellaina02, enya, fourth dimension, friends, holy whole hand dealer, internet memes, jesus, ketchup, livejournal, lj comments, lj friends, meme, misunderstanding, olimar, pathvain_aelien, penelopexxx, pessimism, potato chips, q, random association, randomness, school, sensitivity, sexual innuendo, sisters, sleeping, smoking, synesthesia, teenagers, userpics, video games, witchkatt

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