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Fever fever

Yesterday and today I got to stay home from school because I have a fever (at least I think it's a fever). Since yesterday I was going to be on a college visit anyway, I had already done all of my homework that day. I didn't get so lucky today, though; I've read The Turtle for English class, written down some history terms, and done some math, but I still have to start working on the HAS essay today. And despite this assignment being odd-numbered, it looks like I'm gonna have to design something again (but not draw it). :(

EDIT: Now that I look at the assignment again, the essay actually doesn't seem too hard because one of the things I can write about is timekeeping on Mars, which interests me and thus should be easy for me to talk about. Yay?

Tags: 9, assignments, class, college, designing, drawing, english, essays, fever, fevers, has, history, homework, interests, luck, mars, math, numbers, odd numbers, puns, school, sick, the turtle, time, timekeeping

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