A rejection-sensitivity-based lifeform (matt1993) wrote,
A rejection-sensitivity-based lifeform

In non-Writer's Block, non-Garfield-related news...

I'm almost done with the HAS essay. There are a lot of things to talk about, so I'm fairly certain I'm already past 500 words, but there are some things I still haven't touched on. Then I have to make the drawing, then make the bibliography cards for the Second Research Paper of the Apocalypse, then do my math, then finish reading a chapter of A Painted House.

This is, what, the...twelfth weekend ruined in a row, I think? :( (That's assuming I didn't have one good weekend since HAS started, even though I probably did.)
Tags: 12, 2, 500, a painted house, apocalypse, bad weekend, bibliography, drawing, essays, garfield, has, math, reading, research paper, stress, weekend, word count

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