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My 2019 in LJ

I'm a little late, but...

Oh, and hey - LiveJournal didn't overwrite the 2018 graphic with this one like how they overwrote the 2017 graphic with the 2018 one last time! Yay! :)

I don't anticipate this one getting replaced with the 2020 one since I took a screenshot (because this time I didn't see any option to post it without taking a screenshot), but in case it somehow becomes broken anyway: It's supposed to say 63 entries and 636 likes and comments. (It took me so long to get around to doing this that the page itself now says 65 entries and 638 likes and comments, but I didn't feel like taking a new screenshot.)
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Wait a minute

Does crossposting to LJ work again? I got a different error message from the one before, because I recently changed my LJ password. So maybe this time, that was the only reason the crosspost failed?


conga of the apocalypse


Hope everyone had a good holiday season and has a happy new year!

Okay, I know I said I wouldn't post any more entries in my LJ or DW until the cross-posting issue is resolved, and I'm still declaring myself officially on hiatus until that happens. But I'm making one lone exception because:


I know I posted this video earlier this year because I was impatient. But IT IS TIME. I can't believe it.

The future according to my childhood... IS HERE. (In some time zones. Mine is not one of them. YET.)

In other news, I'm still feeling anxious about the YouTube COPPA stuff. I know some of you (and a few articles/videos I found while Googling about it) don't think it's anything to worry about. But unfortunately, enough people are still concerned that it's something to worry about that I can't be too sure.

Approximately what my past self thought I would be asking right about now: "It's almost 2020. By now all text ever written should be in digital fonts and the 2020 music from Vegas Stakes should start playing everywhere! Why hasn't that happened yet???"

What I'm ACTUALLY asking right about now: "Are my favorite YouTube channels going to stay around?? Is COPPA something to worry about, or is not something to worry about, or was it something to worry about originally but then that one YouTuber stepped in and saved the day? Does any of this affect DeviantArt too?? I want to know for sure!!! And I'm about to find out for sure!!! But then it will be too late!!!"
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Well, I WAS also going to post an entry today about what I got and gave for Christmas, but I'm so frustrated by the fact that I now know that it'll take WEEKS for DW to fix the cross-posting to LJ issue - if it ever gets fixed at all, and by the fact that I know I'm going to have to post the LJ and DW copies of my entries individually now, that I refuse to post anything else until the issue gets resolved.
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2019 Calendar Year in Review

2019 calendar year in review... wow. It's been ten years since the first time I ever did this meme or knew that year in review memes were even a thing. I am old!

(For some reason I can't cross-post entries to LJ automatically anymore - it says that my IP address [or DW's?] is temporarily banned for exceeding the login failure rate. I had to post both copies manually. How did that happen?)

Go to your Calendar and find the first entry for each month of 2019. Post the first line of it in your journal, and that's your "Year In Review".

January 2019

It's 2019 now. So according to Vegas Stakes for the SNES (and Game Boy apparently), there's only one more year to go until it is OFFICIALLY the future!

February 2019

This was an awful week for me... I'd gotten behind on the project at work due to several circumstances outside my control (time off for bereavement; the systems I needed to do my work on all being used at once; my inability to stay focused for very long because of my autism), and had to work extra hours nearly every day this week to get caught up because I thought the deadline was this week.

March 2019

Okay, wow. Last month I posted an entry about how I'd had a rough few weeks but was too lazy to post a full entry about why those weeks were rough.

April 2019

Apparently, the most elaborate April Fools prank of all this year was how I totally tricked myself into thinking I would have a great day because it was April Fools' Day, but, APRIL FOOLS, that happened to also be the day I stumbled on SO MUCH STUFF on the Internet that upset me and made me feel like I'd be hated. :(

May 2019

Happy 10th anniversary apparently, DreamWidth!

June 2019

Was going to Disneyland worth the nearly a year of stress involved in planning it? Yes!

July 2019

Several very different things I've been meaning to post about for a while, in no particular order:

August 2019

Hey look, I'm finally posting another entry! How has everyone been?

(Wow. You'd NEVER guess from the first line alone that this was the entry where I first posted about the Sivir Incident.)

September 2019

Dear larsiusprime and anyone else who happens to be working on this Flash Player emulator:

October 2019

Oh man!!! Could this be the day that Nintendo FINALLY brings back Mary O.?!

November 2019

There's only 52 days left of 2019.

December 2019

I've been really anxious lately because I've been thinking more than usual about all the stupid things I've said and done in the past. To the point that I often have to stop whatever I'm doing just to repress my memories of them.
conga of the apocalypse

That's it. I'm completely convinced the Internet is about to disappear.

As if it wasn't bad enough already that one of my favorite webcomics of all time is now 99.999% gone and it's unlikely that it'll ever return and all of my favorite YouTube channels, or at least the ones about gaming, could all disappear and I still remain unconvinced that they won't, now I heard that FACEBOOK WENT DOWN EARLIER TODAY???

I don't get on Facebook very often nowadays, but... it's Facebook. If Facebook can go down for that long, nothing else on the Internet is safe!

I thought I would get to enjoy Thanksgiving break, but how can I enjoy it if the whole Internet seems to be disappearing at once????
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R.I.P. Characters 4-17 and 19-50

Well, not only is mezzacotta STILL broken (and it's been a while since the last time there was any confirmation it's being worked on), the ruins of the two newest comics are almost if not exactly identical.

This is making me even more worried. Not only is it still unclear if the comic generation code can EVER be fixed, it may be the case that even if mezzacotta is repaired such that it can display entire comics again, all comics starting with yesterday might be the exact same one over and over! :(

EDIT: Well, I've looked at the two newest comics enough to confirm that what's left of them is not EXACTLY identical. But they're still similar enough that it's making me nervous that the comic generation code is PERMANENTLY broken and may not be repairable.
conga of the apocalypse


I thought the fact that a webcomic I've enjoyed for years is no longer working and may be unfixable was scary.



homestar isp

*RING RING* Past Still Unnamed?? It's me, Distant Sparks!! Will you please pick up the phone??

Good news? Turns out the Irregular Webcomic! forums are back up now and everything is intact!


Bad news? Now you apparently have to log in just to VIEW anything on the forum. Including the news post that David Morgan-Mar says to read for "further info". So now I'm gonna have to create an account just to read the forum? :(

More bad news: mezzacotta is still broken. I can't see this comic or this comic. :(