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That's it. I'm completely convinced the Internet is about to disappear.

As if it wasn't bad enough already that one of my favorite webcomics of all time is now 99.999% gone and it's unlikely that it'll ever return and all of my favorite YouTube channels, or at least the ones about gaming, could all disappear and I still remain unconvinced that they won't, now I heard that FACEBOOK WENT DOWN EARLIER TODAY???

I don't get on Facebook very often nowadays, but... it's Facebook. If Facebook can go down for that long, nothing else on the Internet is safe!

I thought I would get to enjoy Thanksgiving break, but how can I enjoy it if the whole Internet seems to be disappearing at once????
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R.I.P. Characters 4-17 and 19-50

Well, not only is mezzacotta STILL broken (and it's been a while since the last time there was any confirmation it's being worked on), the ruins of the two newest comics are almost if not exactly identical.

This is making me even more worried. Not only is it still unclear if the comic generation code can EVER be fixed, it may be the case that even if mezzacotta is repaired such that it can display entire comics again, all comics starting with yesterday might be the exact same one over and over! :(

EDIT: Well, I've looked at the two newest comics enough to confirm that what's left of them is not EXACTLY identical. But they're still similar enough that it's making me nervous that the comic generation code is PERMANENTLY broken and may not be repairable.
conga of the apocalypse


I thought the fact that a webcomic I've enjoyed for years is no longer working and may be unfixable was scary.


homestar isp

*RING RING* Past Still Unnamed?? It's me, Distant Sparks!! Will you please pick up the phone??

Good news? Turns out the Irregular Webcomic! forums are back up now and everything is intact!


Bad news? Now you apparently have to log in just to VIEW anything on the forum. Including the news post that David Morgan-Mar says to read for "further info". So now I'm gonna have to create an account just to read the forum? :(

More bad news: mezzacotta is still broken. I can't see this comic or this comic. :(
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A bunch of random things I've been meaning to post about

Two things I meant to post about last month but never did for whatever reason:

- On October 12 my friend and I went to the State Fair of Texas! That was fun. I was stressed about it because I'd never had a guest over other than pathvain_aelien, but it turned out well for the most part. :)
- On October 19 pathvain_aelien, ellaina02, and I went to a VR show!... VR demonstration? What would the right term be?

And some things I thought of to post about more recently:

- The Irregular Webcomic! forums are GONE?! Possibly FOREVER?! Which means the mezzacotta, Square Root of Minus Garfield, Lightning Made of Owls, and Comments on a Postcard forums (all of which I read a lot more than the one for IWC itself) are ALSO gone?!
While I didn't like the fact that those forums often had a lot of drama in them, with so many people overanalyzing everything (more so than in Square Root of Minus Garfield itself), arguing about what is or is not art/humor/etc., and so on, and as such haven't been to those forums in a while, there were also just enough forum threads I DID find interesting or amusing that I wanted to eventually go back and read what I missed. Now I might not be able to do that! That was such a big forum, even probably won't have EVERYTHING!
And that means that since I've linked to that forum sometimes, I'm gonna have to go back and fix ALL of those broken links to point to the versions. I WAS up to early 2018 in my slow journey to fix everything I needed to fix in my entries... now this sets me back to late 2011! :(
EDIT: Also, does today's mezzacotta (not IWC) comic show up for anyone? It doesn't for me. Nor does this one. It looks like if you put in the date for any comic that has not already been generated, it fails to load it. :(
This is the THIRD TIME (at least) that this comic has been broken in the past few years! I'm scared!

- On a happier note, yesterday I was flipping through a random catalog and in the section for bedroom sets, one of their bed designs is named after Enya. ENYA. That is awesome. Maybe I should pick that the next time I need new bed sheets!
(Also, that same catalog had a section on video games, which makes this probably the first catalog I've ever read to mention Mario AND Enya. This of course made it even better for me. I have a long history of getting disproportionately excited whenever there's a Mario reference AND an Enya reference in relatively close proximity.) :)

Unpopular Opinion Day (or whatever I decide to call it)

There have been many times when I've felt like I'd be hated or disliked for liking something (a video game, a comic/webcomic, a show, a movie, a character, music, or anything else) because it feels like there's more people who hate it (for any number of reasons) than there are who enjoy it.

And there have been many times that I've heard, or been told, that in a lot of these cases, the things I enjoy ARE very popular and that there are more people who like these things than there are who dislike them - it's just that the critics tend to be more vocal than the fans, making it seem like they're not popular.

Recently I thought about all of this and thought...

"You know what? We need to do something about this. There should be, like, a holiday where, if you're a fan of something that you feel has more critics than fans, you're encouraged to be more vocal about your stance than the critics are for once!"

That's why I'm declaring October 23 to be Unpopular Opinion Day. (At least until I think of a name for it that more accurately reflects what it is while still being concise... Anti-Vocal-Hatebase Day? Or Unpopular Fandom Day, but I've thought of examples that aren't fandoms per se...)

In this entry, I'm going to name some things I like that a lot of people seem to dislike. I encourage you to do the same in the comments - name some things you're a fan of that you've felt that a lot of people dislike!*

*Do not confuse "things you like that you think a lot of people seem to dislike" with "things you like that a lot of people you know have never heard of". While the latter is something I also experience a lot, and the two can overlap (see number 6 below), this holiday is dedicated to the former.

1) Ctrl+Alt+Del. Although it apparently does have a large fanbase, the news posts are about the only reason I'm aware it has such a fanbase - it feels like most of the rest of the Internet (even the authors of many other webcomics I enjoy) hates it, or at least doesn't like it very much. It's probably the prime example of something that has a large fanbase but also gets a lot of hate. As a matter of fact, that's why I chose October 23 to be Unpopular Opinion Day - that's the anniversary of Ctrl+Alt+Del. :)

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I could probably think of more - and possibly word some things above better - but a) I want to save some for next year and b) I wanna get this posted quickly to ensure that it's up on October 23. :)
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Super Mario Maker 2 has been updated?!

Oh man!!! Could this be the day that Nintendo FINALLY brings back Mary O.?! It's probably too late to have her be part of the tutorial, but maybe there could be DLC jobs in the story mode and some of them could be by her?? Or at the very least, a Mary O. Mii costume as DLC??

Version 1.1.0

On October 1st, 2019, an update was made for playing online with friends, minor changes and bug fixes.[17]

Course World

Network Play
Added "Play with friends"
Added features to "Nearby Play"
Added "LAN Play"

Official Makers
Added a list of Official Makers in Leaderboards

...oh. I see Nintendo still doesn't care about the feelings of Mary O. fanboys like me. (Unless Mary O. is one of the "official makers" like she was in the first SMM, but I think we all know that won't be the case.) :(

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Good news bad news time?

Good news: I no longer feel like people might see me as a horrible person or hate me just because of the fact that I've had this userpic since I was 15-16.

Bad news: I now feel like people will DEFINITELY see me as a horrible person and hate me just because of the fact that I've had this userpic since I was 15-16.

(Like most entries when I post a lot of links that make me worry, I wanted to address everything I saw on these pages that worried me, but that would require looking at them for much longer and taking a lot longer to write this entry. Also, the less I write, the less likely I am to unintentionally be offensive? Maybe?)

What I feel like these articles are saying in a nutshell:
- I'm a bad person because I made this userpic, even though I was 15 at the time (16 when I made the current version; both versions have identical text)
- I'm an even WORSE person because I continued to have it even after the first time I saw anyone being offended by the idea of puzzle piece(s) representing autism in general
- I'm even worse still because I continued to have it after the first time anyone specifically told me that they were offended by my userpic specifically, which was about two years ago by now
- I'm even worse because I don't want to remove or replace this userpic. Especially not after so long. And because I still like the autism puzzle piece symbol. And because I like how colorful this userpic is and how I used color palettes from Super Mario World for the non-painted-over pieces. If you like other symbols of autism better, that's fine - I just wish I didn't have to feel like almost everyone with autism will hate me because I prefer the puzzle piece(s).
- I'm a horrible person for supporting Autism Speaks, even though I AM autistic. And for thinking that a lot of things Autism Speaks has done that people have issues with remind me a lot of how *I* used to not understand autism very well, so I feel like I'll be hated because of that and for having worded so many things badly over the years. And since a lot of those things were things Autism Speaks has said *in the past*, when autism wasn't well-understood in general, seeing people talking about that makes me feel like *I* can NEVER be forgiven for ANYTHING I do that is wrong or problematic, no matter how much time is passed. More on that:
- I'm a horrible person for the fact that I thought I strictly *needed* there to be a cure for autism for so long, and while I now get that not everyone wants there to be one, I still feel like *I'd* be a lot happier in general if I weren't autistic. (Because I feel that if I weren't autistic, I wouldn't word things so poorly so often or make userpics that turn out to offend everyone, for starters...)
- I'm a horrible person if I prefer person-first language, and I'm a horrible person if I DON'T prefer person-first language, and I'm a horrible person if I don't care either way. (FWIW, I'm in the "don't care either way" category. More entries about my thoughts about that:

When I wrote the text on this userpic ten years ago, I was expressing my frustration at how autism isn't very well understood, even by me, and how I wish it was understood better. (It DEFINITELY wasn't well understood for a lot of my lifetime!) In other words, I felt that autism IS a puzzle to those who don't understand it well (including well-meaning people, and I feel that well-meaning people don't need to be yelled at and called jerks just because they don't understand; they just need to be educated on the subject) - sometimes including autistic people themselves such as me. Similarly, I've always felt that I never know what to say or do to not offend people and not unintentionally make everyone hate me - social skills have always been a "puzzle" to me in that regard. And I felt that way even more back when I made the userpic.

Could I have worded the userpic better when I first made it? Well... no. Remember, a) I have autism, which in my case has always made finding the right words difficult for me; b) this was back when I was still fairly new to posting online in general, so I was still naïve enough to think that I could word it however I wanted and people would understand what I meant; c) this was also back before I knew that there was ANYONE who hates Autism Speaks, or ANYONE with autism who wouldn't want there to be a cure for it, etc. because my experience with autism back then was so limited.

Could I have worded the userpic better when I redrew it later that year? Probably not. I could have tried to if I'd known that 8-10 years later I would end up feeling like everyone will hate me for wording it the way I did, but since I didn't know that... I didn't. I just used the same wording again. And *even if* I'd known that I should reword it, there's no guarantee that the new version would actually have been better, for all of the same reasons that the first version turned out as poorly-worded as it did.

Could I make a new version of the userpic that is worded better NOW? Maybe. I've even considered it. But I don't want to.
First off, whenever I try to word things in a way that has no possibility of offending anyone, I always feel like I'm being forced to add dozens of disclaimers that make whatever I'm writing far too long to read, which all turns out to be for naught when I inevitably offend someone anyway.
Secondly, I now feel that this userpic is good at representing my personal struggle with autism because it contains symbols and wording that could be seen as problematic. What could be a better representation of my anxiety about being misunderstood and disliked for things I've made years ago when I was worse at wording than something I made years ago that I have anxiety about being misunderstood and disliked for? How can the rainbow/gold infinity symbol (or any other proposed autism symbol that I've never heard of until just today, and am therefore probably a bad person for not knowing about them) represent MY experience with autism in the same way?

I hope this makes sense - as usual, I had to write it quickly so I can get this posted so I can stop worrying about it sooner. So if I worded something wrong, it's because of that AND my being bad at wording in general.

Well, time to be unable to sleep at all for another week or two thanks to worrying about this. :(
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Circle Versus Square

How typical.

Circle Versus Square, one of my favorite webcomics, went down earlier this year (or was it last year?) and was down for SO LONG that I ended up deciding that *I* will make a comprehensive list of links to what's left of the site in an easier-to-navigate format so that people who haven't read Circle Versus Square before or want to reread it (which... is there even anyone besides me who cares about this comic? I haven't seen ANYONE on the Internet mention CVS more recently than 2017!) can do so more easily.

And I sat down and, on a fairly regular basis, typed up links to the individual comics (which were somehow still up; it was just the main page that was down) and the versions of their corresponding news posts (and even replacements for some of the broken links in the news posts!) one by one. It took a while, but I made it over halfway though.

And then, out of nowhere, Wakcher finally put the site back up now. That saves me some time - SOME - but only after I've already wasted so much time compiling links to over half of the archive.

(And it doesn't help that it turns out that not only are fans of Wakcher's new project GoatVsFish making fun of anyone who still likes Circle Versus Square, but now even Wakcher himself is doing the making-fun-of now with the new header on the CVS site. :( )

Well, here's what the introduction to my replacement CVS archive would have been if I'd finished it before there was no need for it anymore:

I forget if I mentioned this already, but this year Circle Versus Square went down. AGAIN. And unlike the first time I saw it go down, it's stayed down for a LONG time instead of coming back up the next day. And I may never know why because a Google search suggests that no one besides me, not even the author himself, remembers that CVS ever existed. It's now the Mary O. of webcomics! :(

For some reason, though, it's only the individual comic pages and the custom 404 error page that are gone - other pages such as the about page, the characters page, the letters from Mr. Z, and even the archive are still up.

And it's not even possible to see the comics on, because all of the images are broken even there! Only the news posts are left!

But it turns out all the comic images ARE still hosted on the site itself! (All 216 of them - I checked!) They're just not linked to properly from the main page or archive page or anywhere on the Internet anymore. And they don't have the news posts right there with them - until now!

If the author of the comic isn't going to fix his website, I guess it's now my duty as the last remaining CVS fan to make my OWN version of the archive page with added links to the comics and news posts, to make it easier to navigate what's left of the site!

If you've never read it before, I recommend it. I bolded my personal favorites. :)

...well, since I didn't finish the list of links and don't want to post it in an unfinished state, I guess I don't get to bold or otherwise denote my favorites. Maybe I'll make a separate list of my favorite CVS strips someday.

And here's this quiz I found and took and decided I would post the result of at the bottom of the same entry:

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Four years of Mary O... except, not :(

Four years ago today (or, in Japan, yesterday), Super Mario Maker was released.

Four years ago as of this Friday or so, I saw Mary O. for the first time, marking the beginning of a long-standing crush on the guide to a game manual.

Ah, bittersweet memories... bittersweet because this reminds me that four months ago, she ended up being replaced for literally no reason in Super Mario Maker 2, crushing any hope I had of seeing her in another game ever again. :(