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Super Mario Maker 2 has been updated?!

Oh man!!! Could this be the day that Nintendo FINALLY brings back Mary O.?! It's probably too late to have her be part of the tutorial, but maybe there could be DLC jobs in the story mode and some of them could be by her?? Or at the very least, a Mary O. Mii costume as DLC??

Version 1.1.0

On October 1st, 2019, an update was made for playing online with friends, minor changes and bug fixes.[17]

Course World

Network Play
Added "Play with friends"
Added features to "Nearby Play"
Added "LAN Play"

Official Makers
Added a list of Official Makers in Leaderboards

...oh. I see Nintendo still doesn't care about the feelings of Mary O. fanboys like me. (Unless Mary O. is one of the "official makers" like she was in the first SMM, but I think we all know that won't be the case.) :(

the more rant-y portion of this entry is cut for your convenienceCollapse )

Good news bad news time?

Good news: I no longer feel like people might see me as a horrible person or hate me just because of the fact that I've had this userpic since I was 15-16.

Bad news: I now feel like people will DEFINITELY see me as a horrible person and hate me just because of the fact that I've had this userpic since I was 15-16.


(Like most entries when I post a lot of links that make me worry, I wanted to address everything I saw on these pages that worried me, but that would require looking at them for much longer and taking a lot longer to write this entry. Also, the less I write, the less likely I am to unintentionally be offensive? Maybe?)

What I feel like these articles are saying in a nutshell:
- I'm a bad person because I made this userpic, even though I was 15 at the time (16 when I made the current version; both versions have identical text)
- I'm an even WORSE person because I continued to have it even after the first time I saw anyone being offended by the idea of puzzle piece(s) representing autism in general
- I'm even worse still because I continued to have it after the first time anyone specifically told me that they were offended by my userpic specifically, which was about two years ago by now
- I'm even worse because I don't want to remove or replace this userpic. Especially not after so long. And because I still like the autism puzzle piece symbol. And because I like how colorful this userpic is and how I used color palettes from Super Mario World for the non-painted-over pieces. If you like other symbols of autism better, that's fine - I just wish I didn't have to feel like almost everyone with autism will hate me because I prefer the puzzle piece(s).
- I'm a horrible person for supporting Autism Speaks, even though I AM autistic. And for thinking that a lot of things Autism Speaks has done that people have issues with remind me a lot of how *I* used to not understand autism very well, so I feel like I'll be hated because of that and for having worded so many things badly over the years. And since a lot of those things were things Autism Speaks has said *in the past*, when autism wasn't well-understood in general, seeing people talking about that makes me feel like *I* can NEVER be forgiven for ANYTHING I do that is wrong or problematic, no matter how much time is passed. More on that: https://matt1993.livejournal.com/328623.html
- I'm a horrible person for the fact that I thought I strictly *needed* there to be a cure for autism for so long, and while I now get that not everyone wants there to be one, I still feel like *I'd* be a lot happier in general if I weren't autistic. (Because I feel that if I weren't autistic, I wouldn't word things so poorly so often or make userpics that turn out to offend everyone, for starters...)
- I'm a horrible person if I prefer person-first language, and I'm a horrible person if I DON'T prefer person-first language, and I'm a horrible person if I don't care either way. (FWIW, I'm in the "don't care either way" category. More entries about my thoughts about that: https://matt1993.livejournal.com/310902.html https://matt1993.livejournal.com/329994.html)

When I wrote the text on this userpic ten years ago, I was expressing my frustration at how autism isn't very well understood, even by me, and how I wish it was understood better. (It DEFINITELY wasn't well understood for a lot of my lifetime!) In other words, I felt that autism IS a puzzle to those who don't understand it well (including well-meaning people, and I feel that well-meaning people don't need to be yelled at and called jerks just because they don't understand; they just need to be educated on the subject) - sometimes including autistic people themselves such as me. Similarly, I've always felt that I never know what to say or do to not offend people and not unintentionally make everyone hate me - social skills have always been a "puzzle" to me in that regard. And I felt that way even more back when I made the userpic.

Could I have worded the userpic better when I first made it? Well... no. Remember, a) I have autism, which in my case has always made finding the right words difficult for me; b) this was back when I was still fairly new to posting online in general, so I was still naïve enough to think that I could word it however I wanted and people would understand what I meant; c) this was also back before I knew that there was ANYONE who hates Autism Speaks, or ANYONE with autism who wouldn't want there to be a cure for it, etc. because my experience with autism back then was so limited.

Could I have worded the userpic better when I redrew it later that year? Probably not. I could have tried to if I'd known that 8-10 years later I would end up feeling like everyone will hate me for wording it the way I did, but since I didn't know that... I didn't. I just used the same wording again. And *even if* I'd known that I should reword it, there's no guarantee that the new version would actually have been better, for all of the same reasons that the first version turned out as poorly-worded as it did.

Could I make a new version of the userpic that is worded better NOW? Maybe. I've even considered it. But I don't want to.
First off, whenever I try to word things in a way that has no possibility of offending anyone, I always feel like I'm being forced to add dozens of disclaimers that make whatever I'm writing far too long to read, which all turns out to be for naught when I inevitably offend someone anyway.
Secondly, I now feel that this userpic is good at representing my personal struggle with autism because it contains symbols and wording that could be seen as problematic. What could be a better representation of my anxiety about being misunderstood and disliked for things I've made years ago when I was worse at wording than something I made years ago that I have anxiety about being misunderstood and disliked for? How can the rainbow/gold infinity symbol (or any other proposed autism symbol that I've never heard of until just today, and am therefore probably a bad person for not knowing about them) represent MY experience with autism in the same way?

I hope this makes sense - as usual, I had to write it quickly so I can get this posted so I can stop worrying about it sooner. So if I worded something wrong, it's because of that AND my being bad at wording in general.

Well, time to be unable to sleep at all for another week or two thanks to worrying about this. :(

Circle Versus Square

How typical.

Circle Versus Square, one of my favorite webcomics, went down earlier this year (or was it last year?) and was down for SO LONG that I ended up deciding that *I* will make a comprehensive list of links to what's left of the site in an easier-to-navigate format so that people who haven't read Circle Versus Square before or want to reread it (which... is there even anyone besides me who cares about this comic? I haven't seen ANYONE on the Internet mention CVS more recently than 2017!) can do so more easily.

And I sat down and, on a fairly regular basis, typed up links to the individual comics (which were somehow still up; it was just the main page that was down) and the archive.org versions of their corresponding news posts (and even replacements for some of the broken links in the news posts!) one by one. It took a while, but I made it over halfway though.

And then, out of nowhere, Wakcher finally put the site back up now. That saves me some time - SOME - but only after I've already wasted so much time compiling links to over half of the archive.

(And it doesn't help that it turns out that not only are fans of Wakcher's new project GoatVsFish making fun of anyone who still likes Circle Versus Square, but now even Wakcher himself is doing the making-fun-of now with the new header on the CVS site. :( )

Well, here's what the introduction to my replacement CVS archive would have been if I'd finished it before there was no need for it anymore:

I forget if I mentioned this already, but this year Circle Versus Square went down. AGAIN. And unlike the first time I saw it go down, it's stayed down for a LONG time instead of coming back up the next day. And I may never know why because a Google search suggests that no one besides me, not even the author himself, remembers that CVS ever existed. It's now the Mary O. of webcomics! :(

For some reason, though, it's only the individual comic pages and the custom 404 error page that are gone - other pages such as the about page, the characters page, the letters from Mr. Z, and even the archive are still up.

And it's not even possible to see the comics on archive.org, because all of the images are broken even there! Only the news posts are left!

But it turns out all the comic images ARE still hosted on the site itself! (All 216 of them - I checked!) They're just not linked to properly from the main page or archive page or anywhere on the Internet anymore. And they don't have the news posts right there with them - until now!

If the author of the comic isn't going to fix his website, I guess it's now my duty as the last remaining CVS fan to make my OWN version of the archive page with added links to the comics and news posts, to make it easier to navigate what's left of the site!

If you've never read it before, I recommend it. I bolded my personal favorites. :)

...well, since I didn't finish the list of links and don't want to post it in an unfinished state, I guess I don't get to bold or otherwise denote my favorites. Maybe I'll make a separate list of my favorite CVS strips someday.

And here's this quiz I found and took and decided I would post the result of at the bottom of the same entry:

cut because it's kind of a spoiler?Collapse )

Four years of Mary O... except, not :(

Four years ago today (or, in Japan, yesterday), Super Mario Maker was released.

Four years ago as of this Friday or so, I saw Mary O. for the first time, marking the beginning of a long-standing crush on the guide to a game manual.

Ah, bittersweet memories... bittersweet because this reminds me that four months ago, she ended up being replaced for literally no reason in Super Mario Maker 2, crushing any hope I had of seeing her in another game ever again. :(

Flash emulator

Dear larsiusprime and anyone else who happens to be working on this Flash Player emulator:

I commend you for taking the initiative and trying to find a way for Flash content to be preserved for future generations; however, I would like to ask you one thing:

Why is it that, according to the GitHub page for this project, nothing has been done whatsoever except for the addition of the readme file a year ago? Especially now that we have less than 500 days left until the death of Flash?

If you're making any progress, please let us know. (Or if you are posting status updates somewhere public and I just don't know it, maybe make that easier to find?) Seeing that the latest update was a year ago isn't exactly making me confident about the future of my favorite Flash content. :(

2019 LJ/DW Comment Stats!

Oh wow - while Internet drama prevented me from getting this posted ON the 12th anniversary of my LJ, I still managed to get it posted less than a week afterwards. Go me! :D

Congratulations, a_newdream4xmas - you're the first to reach 100 comments in my journal since adawnrae in 2013! :D (So close, [personal profile] cactus_rs and remmingtonglock. ;) )

Top Commenters on matt1993's LiveJournal (and [personal profile] matt1993's DreamWidth)
(Anonymous comments excluded from rankings)
1 matt1993/[personal profile] matt1993 3621½ (3614½ on Aug 19)
2 pathvain_aelien 1841 (1837 on Aug 19)
3 glowing_dragon/[personal profile] glowing_dragon 833 (831 on Aug 19)
4 rovanda 185
5 irish_ileana 134
6 adawnrae 113
7 a_newdream4xmas/[personal profile] jalerie 104
8 awehla 100
9 cactus_rs/[personal profile] cactus_rs 99
10 remmingtonglock 96 (94 on Aug 19)
10 penelopexxx 96
12-161Collapse )
Total Commenters: 161
Total Comments: 8248½ (8232½ on Aug 19)

Report generated 8/24/2019 4:16:19 PM by scrapdog's LJ Comment Stats Wizard 1.7 and then manually edited to include comments that are on DW only, comments after the report was generated, and the users who would otherwise not be shown




EDIT: It's back up now. Phew!

FINALLY posting about my birthday

So, I'm way too late in posting this (again), but my 26th birthday was last Sunday!!

Wow... I'm 26. I remember when it felt like it would be a LOOONG time until I was 13. Now I've waited that long twice!

What I got for my birthday:

- Piranha Plant amiibo!
- Three books I read years ago and wanted to reread: Caps For Sale, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, and How to Eat Fried Worms! (Well, I thought I read them all years ago, but I'm reading Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing right now and everything is so unfamiliar to the point that I think I may not have actually read it years ago, I just remembered thinking the title is funny-sounding. So maybe I'm reading it for the first time now! Would you look at that!)
- They didn't come in until the 18th, but Nintendo Labo VR Goggles!!!! I've been wanting those ever since I knew about the new VR mode in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! :D

(note to self: put in the previous/next buttons later)


(This marks 10 years after when I did this when I turned 16, the first time I ever posted this for my birthday. Wow... I've known about this website for over ten years. And it's still around, even! Good for them!)

At age 26:

American anthropologist Margaret Mead wrote her famous dissertation, Coming of Age in Samoa, which claimed that in some societies adolescence is not a particularly difficult time.

Albert Einstein published five major research papers in a German physics journal, fundamentally changing man's view of the universe and leading to such inventions as television and the atomic bomb.

Benjamin Franklin published the first edition of Poor Richard's Almanac, which was to play a large role in molding the diverse American character.

Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Chereshkova became the first woman to travel in space.

College dropout Steve Wozniak co-founded Apple Computer.

Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin, revolutionizing the economies of the United States and Britain.

Antoine Joseph Sax invented the brass saxophone.

"Johnny Appleseed" brought apple seeds to the Ohio Valley.

Napoleon Bonaparte conquered Italy.

Gon Yangling memorized more than 15,000 telephone numbers in Harbin, China.

Orion Krynen of Denver, CO reached this age without much incident.

British ethologist Jane Goodall set up camp in the Gombe Stream Chimpanzee Reserve on Lake Tanganyika and began studying the lives of chimpanzees.

Ken Kesey published his first novel, One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Thomas Pynchon published V., for which he won the William Faulkner First Novel Award.

Kirsteene Luhrmann of Melburne, Victoria quit smoking.

Stephen Breen from Dublin, Ireland found this site.

Darren Blackburn became the first and only athlete of the Principality of Sealand, despite being somewhat lacking in athletic ability.

Syd Jesus co-founded the dUdU Art Collective in Oakland, California and turned an entire warehouse space into a conceptual art piece entitled "The $5000 Gallery."

Matthew Royer took a dog for a walk every day of the year in Minnesota, with a coldest daytime high of 0 degrees F. The average walk time was 30 minutes.

Derrick Pallas was horrified to realize he was losing his hair, just like Dad.

Jan Birkeland from Norway managed to get to work without hitting a single red light.

Katherine Blauvelt in a skirt was deemed "all grown-up" by her boyfriend.

Kristen finally was able to get her fingernails to grow without chipping and peeling because she started taking a multi-vitamin on a daily basis.

Tom Pemberton rode a bicycle with lit fireworks strapped to it into a pool while wearing a banana costume.

SJ Yee resigned from a giant multinational corporation to found a personal development site for the book smart.

Angie Olson got so drunk on her 26th birthday, her friends were able to dress her up as a clown.

matt1993 discovered the two mysterious lost episodes of Super Mario Maker Crash Course.


Okay, okay, that last one's not on the list. But it SHOULD be! I have a story behind that. Stay tuned for when I write a full post about it!

R.I.P. Mary O... again...

(Yes, I'm probably going to be posting about my favorite manual guide a lot more than usual for a while, what with Super Mario Maker 2 coming out this month and Mary O.'s fate still unclear and still not looking good.
I apologize in advance because that means these posts are probably going to get even more annoying than usual.
But I recently discovered that I seem to be the biggest Mary O. fanboy in the world if stuff from my own journal shows up so often in Google searches for her, so hey, I may as well embrace it!)

Well, with SMM2 coming out this month and Mary O.'s fate-- oh wait, I said that already in the disclaimer.

To make a long story short:

Notice how I FINALLY have a userpic with Mary O. in it? (I mean, I did have Enya dressed as Mary O. as a userpic, but I FINALLY have one with Mary O. herself!) :D

I also made these ones, but I won't upload them as userpics until I know they're legible enough. So, I ask you: Are these ones legible?

EDIT: Per a comment on DW, I already attempted to improve the legibility of the 1st, 2nd, and 5th ones. So, are THESE legible?

EDIT: Per another comment on DW, here's some more attempts at making the first two more legible. So, in addition to the above, which of these versions of the first two are legible enough? If any? (these are all in one image to save time, so click to enlarge)

I've been wanting to make userpics with Mary O. in them for YEARS now, but until now I never got around to it. Mainly because I had the dumb idea of saving all of my userpic ideas - Mary O. or otherwise - for the next time I got around to making another poll asking which ones you wanted me to make. Which no one likely would have voted on because it would've been too long to read.

And the fact that Mary O. is seemingly being replaced in Super Mario Maker 2 is making me sad about it... and the fact that Nintendo has deleted EVERY trace of Mary O.'s memory from the official site (e.g. the online manual and Super Mario Maker Crash Course) is making me even MORE sad about it... thank goodness the Internet Wayback Machine saved SMM Crash Course and kind of saved the manual!

So I figured, if Nintendo is not going to keep Mary O. or Super Mario Maker Crash Course around forever, then I'll just have to immortalize the best Mary O. and Yamamura moments myself (the ones that'd make userpics I'm sure I'll have a use for, anyway).

R.I.P. Mary O. 2015-2019...

This has certainly been a disappointing week for weirdos like me who are in love with the guide to a video game MANUAL...

So, the Super Mario Maker 2 direct came out recently and throughout the entire video, my major concern was "Is Mary O. still going to be in this game??? Is that female narrator supposed to be her or is it someone else?"

They showed that Undodog and Mr. Eraser in the story mode - in 3D, with what seems to be actual roles in the story. So that made me hopeful because, if two characters who usually only appear in the SMM interface have roles in the story mode now... does that mean Mary O. could be in the game with a role in the story?!

Then I realized... since I still haven't seen Mary O. at all in the trailer, that STILL doesn't prove that she'll be in the game at all let alone in the story.

Then I realized something even more disappointing: technically Undodog and Mr. Eraser still haven't appeared in 3D, because for the story mode, Nintendo basically just stuck their 2D artwork (adding a LITTLE depth) in a 3D environment. So... if Mary O. appears in the story mode, they probably gave her the same treatment and now she's going to be canonically confirmed to be a 2D being in a 3D world.

Knowing that made me feel weird about myself... all this time I've had it in my headcanon that she's 3D and would be shown as such if she were in SSB or Mario Kart or something. If she ends up being 2D in a 3D world, that would not make her as attractive as I always thought she'd be...

I felt weird about that for a day or so.

Then today I discovered something even more disheartening:

She's probably not going to be in the game at all, or in any game ever again, because she seems to have been replaced with a new character named Nina.


This is the most disheartening thing I've seen in a while. WHY DID THEY HAVE TO REPLACE HER? Why HER? It's just my luck that only one Super Mario Maker character has been replaced and it happens to be Mary O. - Undodog is still Undodog, Mr. Eraser is still Mr. Eraser, Coursebot is still Coursebot, even Yamamura is still Yamamura as it turns out, but they had to replace MY FAVORITE CHARACTER.

I changed my mind. I'm perfectly fine with the idea of Mary O. being two-dimensional, as long as she's still around! :(

I feel somewhat better knowing that I'm not the only one who was distraught about this - look at this outpouring of support for Mary O. in the comments:

under the cutCollapse )

But there's also a lot of people making fun of the people who are obsessed with Mary O. OR Nina enough to care which one is in the game, so that makes me feel bad about myself.

And admittedly, most of you probably similarly think it's crazy that I'm THIS disappointed that a manual guide was replaced. But that doesn't change the fact that I AM this disappointed about it! :(

You know how one of my April Fools' jokes this year was that I finally have a unique mood theme and it's Mary O.? I know this is a weird time to finally say so, but yes, that's actually a mood theme I've legitimately been considering for quite some time now, and I got the idea exactly the way I described in the prank - I thought it'd be amusing to bring up the idea in an April Fools entry first and then later on be like "Oh actually, that part wasn't a prank; I'm actually planning on making that mood theme!" But now that Mary O. is most likely GONE, never to appear in a game again, that pretty much takes the joy out of it. :(


Did that really just happen?

Did I FINALLY finish fixing all the things in my LJ entries that didn't get copied over to DW properly? And a bunch of things I'd been meaning to fix for years even in the LJ versions of those entries?! :D :D :D

Now all of you on DW can FINALLY experience my pre-DW entries the way they were MEANT to be experienced (or the closest approximation possible)! :D

Too bad that it took me two years (almost EXACTLY two years, interestingly enough - May 13 is the anniversary of my DW account) to get to this point... and now I feel like I have a lot of friends who aren't active anymore on LJ or DW. :(

Note that this doesn't mean that I'm done. I'm just done with the entries before May 13, 2017. I've still got the entries on and after that date to fix, among other things. But those should be easier, hopefully!

And of course, there may have been things I missed when I fixed the first 1,154 entries...
Can you please do me a favor and help me double-check a few of them? It might be a good way to learn more about me and how I became who I am, as well!Collapse )

There's other things I've been wanting to post about too but I'm not motivated to yet.
Page 1

You are Matt1993!

As you sit at your computer writing a LiveJournal/DreamWidth entry about some dumb choose-your-own-adventure thingy that is probably going to only make sense in your head, you think to yourself:

"Wow, this year has gone by fast. How is it almost May already? How is it 2019 already?! This means the discontinuation of Flash is only eight months away! (Or possibly twenty months away. But Murphy's law implies "in 2020" means the beginning of 2020 rather than the end of it...)"

Several times now, you have considered putting your long, slow, epic journey to fix all of your LJ/DW entries so that they show up the way you want them to on hold for a while, because there's so many Flash cartoons you've never watched but wanted to watch someday that you may never get to see if you wait too long. Right now, more than ever, you start to think that might be a good idea - excluding outages that lasted less than a day, it's been over a year since the last time you actually thought LJ might shut down or become so glitched as to be unusable.

But on the other hand, you feel like since you actually have the motivation to fix your entries, maybe you should go ahead and keep working on that first.

On the other other hand, you don't have that much motivation to do either right now, so you think you'd feel better if you just gave up on all of that for a while and spent all your free time on video games for now.

What do you do?

If you choose to watch all the Flash cartoons you've wanted to watch, turn to page 2.

If you choose to finish fixing your entries, turn to page 3.

If you're feeling lazy and just want to play some video games, turn to page 4.

Page 2Collapse )

Page 3Collapse )

Page 4Collapse )


I can't believe it.

I'm over 80% done fixing my entries. AND I've finally fixed all of my entries from 2016!!! (Fun fact: while keeping count in the process, I noticed that the first time I ever mentioned Mary O. in this journal was in my 1,111th entry. Would you look at that!)

I wish I hadn't had to waste two years just to get this done, but I'm a lot more hopeful now because it's getting done!!! I'm almost up to the entries written AFTER I joined DW! :D

Of course, after this I'm still gonna need to update my profile on both LJ and DW for the first time in a while and make a new updated glossary/list of userpics/FAQ sticky entry.
I think it's about time for me to start thinking some more about what I need to add or remove from my FAQ.
Well, mostly on what to add to it - several people have made it clear to me when I asked about this a couple of years back that a lot of the questions that are in there are pointless since no one's thought about asking them (and it made me feel really weird about myself when people suggested removing them), so I'm going to remove them. (To the few of you who liked the fact that those questions are in there: Don't worry, I'll keep the current version of the FAQ in a non-sticky entry as well for posterity and link to it from the new version as the answer to something like "What happened to the old FAQ?")

What are some questions that you've had about me or my journal and have wanted to ask me? This can include ones that are answered by the FAQ already or not (in fact, it'd be better if you pretend for right now that I don't have a FAQ at all yet). It can be ones that you still don't know the answer to or ones that you found the answer to eventually. Or if there's something about me or my journal that you understood but think others might not and that it'd be helpful to have that in the FAQ, you can even list that.

But no suggestions about which ones to remove from my FAQ, please - it's already a given that I'm going to be removing or condensing most of them. Let's focus more on what should be in it than what shouldn't be. :)

Begone, dilemma!

So this is something I kind of talked about in a recent entry, but there was a bunch of other stuff in that entry and also I have more to say about this topic, so:

As I said in that entry, I somehow now have huge crushes on Charlotte AND Maria from Castlevania - to an extent that by now is almost on par with my crush on Mary O.! Even though I've never played a Castlevania game, and hence the only reason I know about them is because they're spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

It's not the first time I've found female characters I only know about because of non-playable appearances in SSB attractive... but this is my first time having THIS big a crush on any of them!

Left: half of my thought processes over the past few weeks. Right: the other half.

I have three questions to ask because of this:

1) Have any of you ever had a huge crush on TWO characters from a fandom you're not even into (or weren't into at the time)? If so, please let me know so I can stop feeling so weird about it. :)

At this rate I'm thinking I definitely need to eventually actually start playing some of the Castlevania games just so I can justify having huge crushes on TWO Castlevania characters. So:

2) Does it make me a dork that THIS is at least 60% of the reason I'm now considering getting into Castlevania?

3) Are any of you Castlevania fans, or do any of you know someone who is? If not, the contents of this LJ-cut will be of no interest to you; I'm just asking for recommendations on which game to try firstCollapse )



I've had a rough few weeks but am too lazy to post a full entry about it right now, so I'll at least let you guys now I'm still here.

My favorite webcomic is (mostly) GONE??

Is ANYONE able to see the following mezzacotta strips?


(Pro tip: Don't try to load them all at once in four separate tabs - I find that the comics have always been less likely to show up if I try and open more than one at a time.)

And if not, is ANYONE able to see at least one strip that is not linked to from the hall of fame or cast page? (Strips that are read more often usually load faster, and I know at least two in the hall of fame still load for me, so I'm less concerned about the ones in the hall of fame.)

If you find one that works, link to it in the comments so I can test whether or not I can see it.

(Also I feel I should note that if you do see a comic but there's no dialogue in it, that does not mean the comic didn't finish loading. Since mezzacotta is a randomly generated comic, that's a fairly normal occurence. Incidentally, that particular strip is in the hall of fame and as such it does load for me.)


updated prtsc land me
An ENTIRE Mary O. fanboy convention
My DreamWidth

Latest Month

October 2019


If I had to pick six words to describe myself, I would panic and ask someone for help because I am so downright random and weird that there is no possible way to describe myself or my journal in only six words.

So here's a list of things you'll probably see in this journal, in no particular order:
- Posts about my life
- Posts about my worrying about being disliked for any number of reasons
- Posts about the fact that I'm trying to fix all the things that are messed up in my LJ and DW and catch up on lots of websites that I'm behind on reading
- Backups of my posts on Miiverse now that Miiverse is discontinued... so if you want to know what some random guy was saying about New Super Mario Bros. U or Nintendo Land five years ago, this is the journal for you :P
- Quizzes and surveys and such
- References to random things I'm obsessed with
- Whatever else I feel like posting

Some of the random things I'm obsessed with are:
- LiveJournal (obviously)
- Looking back at things that were made years ago... old posts on LJ, etc.
- Math
- Weird dreams
- Video games (mostly Mario, Super Smash Bros., Kid Icarus, and Chip's Challenge)
- Video game music
- Homestar Runner
- Enya, my favorite singer and biggest celebrity crush
- Too many comics/webcomics to name... Garfield, mezzacotta, Terror Island, and Circle Versus Square might be the ones I'm the MOST obsessed with though. Oh, and Super Mario Maker Crash Course - that counts as a comic, right? It certainly counts as something I'm obsessed with :P
- Speaking of Super Mario Maker Crash Course, my biggest *fictional* crush is Mary O. Yes, I have a crush on the guide to a video game MANUAL. I'm so weird...

For a (hopefully) complete list of interests and Q&A about me, visit my profile. :) (Which is still in need of an update...)

This journal is semi-friends-only, but there's not much rhyme or reason to which entries are public and which ones aren't...


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