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Tidbits of Matt's Life

This is where I post my incoherent ramblings. It's where I post the coherent ones, too!

January 6th, 2017

Finally doing the Calendar Year in Review for 2016! @ 01:50 pm

Right now I am annoyingly: nostalgic nostalgic
Soundtrack: A Super Mario World Holiday

Go to your Calendar and find the first entry for each month of 2016. Post the first line of it in your journal, and that's your "Year In Review".

January 2016


February 2016

You'd think that given how easy it probably is to misunderstand my previous entry, I would've posted again as soon as I thought of something else to post about. But nope, somehow I let an easily-misunderstood entry be the newest one for a month minus a few hours.

[Great. I have to link to an easily-misunderstood entry AGAIN - and one that's now even MORE easily-misunderstood since some of you aren't familiar with the sort of stuff I worried about almost constantly from November 2011 to November 2015 {and to a lesser extent, after that}.]

March 2016

Lately I've just had SO MUCH to do that not only do I not get much time to relax, but whenever I do get to take a break, it's usually not actually that relaxing because I still end up thinking about the stuff that has to get done soon.

April 2016

I just looked at the interests in my profile for the first time in a while and...

WHOA. It's WAY outdated.

May 2016


June 2016

Poll #2047590 Name the first 10 famous people you can think of whose first name is Matt or Matthew. (If you can't think of ten, that's okay - I doubt it would be easy to think of that many. Just list as many as you can.)

July 2016

Happy Fourth of July!! :-)

August 2016

So about a week and a half ago, I was so stressed out, I was stressed in!... or something.

September 2016

My birthdate appears at the 65,167th digit of pi! Where is yours?

October 2016

[the entry begins with a video called "Super Mario Kart with 101 players!", then the next line is...]

I'm trying not to overuse this phrase too much nowadays, but HOLY WHOLE HAND DEALER.

November 2016

Explanation to those who are new here: I decided a couple of years ago that I'd start revisiting every quiz/survey I've posted on LJ five years later to see how things have changed. But then I procrastinated so long that I'm having to do some of them seven years later instead.

December 2016

[the entry begins with a video called "SNES Code Injection - Flappy Bird in SMW", then the next line is...]

I don't think that's what they mean by shell sort. ;)

January 1st, 2017

2017! @ 12:47 am

Right now I am annoyingly: sleepy sleepy

Happy New Year! :)

Which reminds me, I still need to post about what I got for Christmas and post my usual Christmas and New Years memes...

Oh, and can we please not turn every mention of 2016 into a conversation about the bad things that happened? I know I already made a post about this, but that's just how annoyed I still am by it. I know some people need to vent about it, but I wish they'd find some other way to vent, because blaming the year is taking it too far - it's making me worried that kids who were born in 2016 are going to eventually be frequently bullied because of it. :(

December 29th, 2016

2016 is not a serial killer. It's a YEAR. @ 09:02 pm

Right now I am annoyingly: annoyed annoyed

I am sick and tired of people blaming 2016 for all the bad things that have happened this year.

Yes, I get that there were a lot of celebrity deaths this year, people got upset with each other over the election even more so than usual, etc. Those were definitely bad things that happened this year. But the Internet has taken this WAY too far - I'm getting tired of people blaming the year for it. (Dear 42 and It's Over 9000: I apologize. You are not the most annoyingly overused number-related memes in existence.) the way some people talk, it's like they think nothing good happened in 2016 (not true!) or that nothing bad happened in 2015 or any other recent year (also not true!). They make me feel like I'm not allowed to enjoy anything that was released in 2016. :(

Sorry for the rant - I just needed to get this off my chest before the end of the year. (Not that it'll make any difference - there's still people who complain about Super Mario Maker being released on September 11 last year...)

To anyone who happens to discover my journal while this is still on the first page: Rest assured, rants like this (or rants of any kind) are not very common in my journal. :)

December 25th, 2016

Quest for the Lost Images @ 05:41 pm

Right now I am annoyingly: nostalgic, and not in the good way
Soundtrack: A Super Mario World Holiday

So, in the aftermath of a lot of my ScrapBook images mysteriously going missing (and the images I had hosted on Google Sites also going missing nearly two years ago*, though I have since restored the ones used before August 2009 and am in the process of restoring the rest), I have an idea:

I suggest that everyone reading this (especially those of you who are new or relatively new to my friends list) please do the following a few times:

- Pick a random year between 2007 and the present (except 2008; I only had one post that year and it has no images, broken or not), a random month, and a random day of that month
- Go to http://matt1993.livejournal.com/yyyy/mm/dd/, replacing the yyyy/mm/dd with the date you picked
- If I posted that day, read those entries to find out a) a glimpse of what I was doing in that era and b) whether or not there are any broken images in those entries. And then if there are, let me know in the comments on this one.

If at least some of you do this a few times, you'll get to learn a little more about me and I'll have a slightly easier time pinpointing just how many images in my journal are broken! (And I'll also get a better idea of how many of my entries make sense to people who haven't been here since 2009 or so!) :)

*Wait, that was nearly two years ago?!?

EDIT: Hey, LiveJournal's staff fixed it - the images show up in my ScrapBook now! I still have yet to make sure they show up in my actual entries, though. Note to self: if I come across an image that doesn't show up, press Ctrl+F5 before assuming that it's still missing.

To all of you who looked through random entries to see if there were any broken images: Thank you for the help! :)

Hope you have a smashing Christmas! (or a smashing December 25 if you don't celebrate it) @ 09:45 am

Right now I am annoyingly: excited excited

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!... and I'm beginning to look like even more of a dork than I was this time last year. :P

By the way, for some reason, a lot of the oldest images in my ScrapBook have mysteriously gone missing... That hasn't happened to anyone else, has it? :O

December 24th, 2016

Apparently EVERY song in Super Mario World is secretly a Christmas or Hanukkah song! LOL @ 05:53 pm

Right now I am annoyingly: nostalgic nostalgic
Soundtrack: this, of course

Wow, this guy managed to combine my childhood with my childhood. :)

Next time someone I know is a Mario fan complains that they hate Christmas music, I'm gonna be like "No you don't!" and show them this. :)


December 19th, 2016

More quizzes, finally @ 09:06 pm

Right now I am annoyingly: productive, kinda

I've been meaning to post some more quiz results for a while now. They're really starting to build up in the text file I'm saving them in :)

Another one I first took over seven years ago and am revisiting now:

Old result:

Originally posted by matt1993 at For once, Quiz Galaxy gave me an answer I expected
You hate Know-it-Alls!
Know-it-alls are your number one pet peeve. They always know everything, and always take pleasure in making you feel stupid. And they always, always make a point of saying something when you screw up something.

Know-it-alls should be banned from living.

I'm so ashamed of some of my wording back then... :(

Anyway, my new result is:

You hate Gossipers!
Your biggest pet peeve is gossip. Gossipers are vapid. They have nothing better to do than spread gossip about other people and stick their nose where it doesn’t belong. Can’t they just get a life?

Now for two quizzes I haven't taken before:

You Are FAIL

You love the internet, but it sometimes gets on your nerves.
How can so much of humanity be so stupid? Wait, you don't even want to know.

While there are some good aspects to being online, you can't help but notice there's so much fail.
You liked the internet so much more in the good old days... before all the idiots found out about it!

You Crave a Purposeful Life

Your dream is to live a life where you make a difference. You want to affect people.
You don't need to be the one who changes the world, but you would like to change a few lives.

You want to be generous and warm-hearted toward others. Life is hard enough as is.
You believe life is mostly about how you treat other people. What kind of person you are matters.


December 13th, 2016

Oh-so-merry @ 11:44 pm

Right now I am annoyingly: weird weird

Okay, so this is apropos of absolutely nothing, but I might as well make a random post about this. I'm surprised I haven't already.

I have been so obsessed with Mary O. from Super Mario Maker lately. She's cute.

So the next time you feel like you're weird or that you're a dork or something, just remember: at least you don't have a crush on the guide to a video game manual! :)

EDIT: Maybe I should clarify something for the new people here: I know it's not weird to have a crush on a video game character, and Mary O. is also not the first video game character I've ever had a crush on. I just feel a bit weird because I'm suddenly so obsessed with a character from a video game manual. :)

December 4th, 2016

November 29th, 2016

Time flies whether or not you're having fun @ 05:38 pm

It's weird to think that I graduated college nearly a year ago... I still remember thinking I'd have a really hard time making it through certain classes!

Also, I'm trying to post more often about things that happen in my life (to kind of prove that even though I've been posting a lot of online quiz results lately, that's still not all I ever post)... but there probably won't be a lot of such posts until I start work.

Tidbits of Matt's Life

This is where I post my incoherent ramblings. It's where I post the coherent ones, too!